Aishwarya Rai Owns David Letterman On His Own Show

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It’s an old video but i love to watch it again and again. So here i am sharing it with you….

David Letterman, the famous TV talk show host, tried to make fun of Indian tradition at the time when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was invited on her show to be a guest. But how can our Aishwarya Rai let such thing go. She gets right into the argument and burned David Letterman with her quick witty but thoughtful answers.
What you would love is the punchline of this video:
David – Do you live with your parents in India?
Aishwarya – Yes I do.
David – Is it common in India for elder children to live with their parents (Audience laugh at this point)
Aishwarya – Its common in India to live with your parent.. Its also common in India that we don’t need to take appointments with our parents to meet for dinner. (Crowd stunned, shocked, silenced and then goes for an applause because they knew they were ashamed. Well done Ash)

I hope you liked watching how Aishwarya Rai owned David Letterman on his own show.

Sharing With Your Friends & Family!!!!

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  1. Intelligent, beautiful and charming. That’s a perfect combination. Love her

  2. She’s really very beautiful ! =)

  3. He is a stupid white prick who gets burned!

  4. Smart, funny lovely. aww.

  5. Beautiful and witty.

  6. Ha Ha Ha… Yeah…”Burrrrrrnnnn”…

  7. I’m unimpressed. But still good one…

  8. Fuck Letterman.

  9. i so agree with you on this one!!

  10. She is an awesome actress… Love her work…Love this video

  11. Ash is dumb. Period

  12. I Really dont know What to say

  13. Ha Ha Ha Ha, That’s all u have got, David? Keep it coming….

  14. He burned her…… Or she burned him?

  15. Beautiful, smart, funny woman.

  16. I think she is a very educated women, prepared, she talks several languages. Very? successful.
    And, it’s true our occidental way of life is terrible!

  17. I think ash acting this way because maybe she feels little? threatened. Understandably so because they don’t understand eastern culture and mock everything.. Still shes handling it very well.

  18. Indeed, she is one of the most beautiful woman in? the world…

  19. She is so beautiful, charming and? ironical. She taught Letterman a good lesson. Before judging other cultures get rid of your ignorance!

  20. She burned him. LOL!!!!
    Whoever says Aishwarya is dumb is? dumb. This is probably one of the most witty and smart and funny exchanges i have seen in this show. Smarter and more witty than most of her American counterparts.

  21. I love her sarcasm…. She has a? good sense of humor. Lol

  22. How? much David Letterman is stammering while talking his own language….it seems that Aishwarya Rai is lot better than him

  23. He nailed her…. She’s one up with that parent coment. But, he’s nailed her with… “There’ more’ and he’s shaking his knot below the neck… hope you understand 😛

    Letter man 2-1 wins!

  24. I dunno, she kind of came across as prickly and stuck up for no reason

  25. Thanks for being savior of Indian culture on Dave’s show. Salute…

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