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Aishwarya Rai

Wow!!! I call this a big shock. I mean a big surprise. I don’t know how to react. Two days ago i posted a news regarding Aishwarya saying that people think that she is dating Abhishek. Well, Hummmm! Stop thinking guys. Start believing. Aishwarya and Abhishek are all set to marry in 2007.

According to Kannada newspaper “Vijayakarnataka” Aishwarya and Abhishek will tie the knot sometime in February, 2007 and Aishwarya will officially announce the news on her birthday, November 1.The story was revealed to the newspaper by Bachchan family’s astrologer Chandrashekhara Swamiji. According to him the year 2006 will be unlucky for the married couple and so he advised Aishwarya and Abhishek to marry in 2007.

There is, however, no official confirmation of the reported wedding. The two stars, who have been romantically linked since over an year now, have consistently refused to confirm media speculation on the issue.

Past media reports have suggested that the couple have kept their wedding plans in abeyance pending a nod from the

Bachchan family, something that has so far not been forthcoming. In the recent past Ash has made great efforts to assuage any misgivings that the Bachchan family may have harbored about her abilities as a homemaker. Her efforts at winning the hearts of the Bachchan family include a hospital visit to Abhishek’s grandmother Teji Bachchan and frequent visits to the Bachchan home. Recently she and her family spent their Diwali with the Bachchans.

According to the report, Aishwarya (born in Dhanu Rashi) and Abhishek (born in Kumbha Rashi) marriage was likely to face roadblocks in 2006 problems but, from October 27, when the planetary positions change, both Ash and Abhi will have the support of Jupiter (Guru-bruhaspathi).

A horoscope match was confirmed in Nov 2005 when Amitabh’s brother, Ajitabh, visited a priest in Bangalore in the company of Abhishek, at the behest of Teji Bachchan.

It is reported that the ailing Teji Bachchan is very keen to see her grandson wed.

However it still remains to be seen how much truth lies behind all these rumors. Aishwarya has always been tightlipped about the relationship while Abhishek has managed to evade the topic whenever he has confronted the issue.

Is it another publicity gimmick ahead of the release of Aishwarya and Abhishek starrer movies – Dhoom 2 & Umrao Jaan? God knows. I think i will be happy to see Aishwarya tie a knot with Abhishek rather than someone else. At least that will put an end to Ashu and Vivek Oberoi’s friendship.

All the best to both Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan!!!

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  1. I don’t think ash should marry Abhi. She should marry an outsider and not someone from bollywood. Madhuri Dixit married a surgeon from US. Ash should follow Madhuri’s footsteps. Getting married to the Bachchan family is really a boring affair and we Malaysians are tired of hearing about the Bachchans. Isn’t there anyone else for Ash????

  2. I don’t think Aishwarya will marry to Abhishek. She should be married to Salman Khan. I think He will make her happy more than Bachchan Family, and Salman really loves her. Bachchan Family is so boring. I am going to tell her “Salman is very good life-Partner 4 u.” Please Aish don’t waste your life. Please marry to Salman Khan.

  3. Aish is a bad omen for Abhishek. Her bad luck will even ruin the career of Amitabh. Jaya is an idiot she deserted Rani with whom Abhishek had got hit movies just for good looking Aish. How did Jaya forgot her own situation even she herself was a normal looking girl like Rani. Jaya you had taken a biased decision by opting for Aish.

    God will not forgive you for this. All Bachchan will loose their fame.They all will be punished by the almighty.

    Amitabh in Sarkar movie you were like a man of Justice but for your idiot son you did not even thought for a second that you are taking somebody else’s love (Salman’s love).

    Saache Aashiq ki Baduwa lagegi oon logonko. Tum sab barbad ho jaoonge. Aish ka kya tu nahin to koi aur sahi. Rani dil jigar se chahati hai tujhe Abhishek. Love the one who loves you not the one one whom you love.

  4. Honestly, i did not want to approve this comment by a guy named Salman, who really is an impostor, as everyone must be already knowing!
    But i just wanted to show the world, how big fools can some people be! This guy has nothing to do with their lives, yet will go on to extent of bad omen’s and badua etc for the couple. Not realizing that if he point one finger on the couple, a billion will fall on him!

    I do want to publish his e-mail address here! So that the SPAM bots can eat it. And also for all those who think like i do and who want to send mail to this guy and tell him what reality is

    And by the way, Aishwarya n Abhishek are doing great. So is the Bachchan parivaar. And so are their movies 🙂

  5. You are stupid girl !!!

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