“Beera Beera” Song Lyrics From Raavan

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I know you’ve been waiting for these lyrics. I know i have been looking all over the market for the Audio CD. And when i finally found one, i saw this huge CD cover inside, and all the portions if the CD cover has beautiful snapshots from the movie in background, with lyrics of all the songs in front. I particularly wanted to share the lyrics of the already popular song “Beera Beera” from the film “Raavan”. This song is sung by Vijay Prakash and Mustafa Kutoane to the tunes of the great A.R.Rahman and on the lyrics of Gulzar Saab. 🙂

Beera beera beera beera
Beera beera beera beera

Beera ke das maathe, beera ke sau naam
Chhede jo beera ko…
Dhana dhan dham dham…

Beera beera beera beera

Arre Beera uthti aandhi,
Beera ek toofan
Saans mein ugle agni
Beera jalti jaan jalti jaan jalti jaan

Janm na poocho jaat na pucho
Pucho jo pehchaan
Beera ka abhimaan hai abhimaan hai… Beera.

Beera beera beera
dhana dhan dham dham…

If you want any other lyrics, i ain’t writing it again. Go buy yourself a CD. Do not download the music. Buy it. Kill Piracy!

Sharing With Your Friends & Family!!!!

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  1. Awesome songg……..love Abhishek in da movie……….so cute.

  2. I love this song….

  3. Superb music……Really, it’s like feeling that we could touch our angel. The music with magic finger. Good song….

  4. I love the song very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause Aamir danced in this song in ZND.

  5. I like this song.
    This tune is really Exultation filled.
    I set it for my mobile as wake up alarm. A day’s first tune that enters in my ears is “BEERA”

  6. Very good lyrics , good combination of south and north wordings.

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